Sunday, April 29, 2007

Firefox Inside Firefox

Cool Firefox Trick

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How to Add Google Talk Gadget in Orkut

How to Add Google Talk Gadget in Orkut

Few months ago, when news broke out that Google Talk and Orkut would be integrated, we were all expecting an embedded Google Talk Chatbox within Orkut (something like what we see within Gmail), but unfortunately they didn’t do that. Instead, they just added our Orkut friends are GTalk contacts and added our status message to be seen in Orkut.

Recently Google introduced a new Google Talk Gadget which could be embedded onto any blog or webpage. Making use of this gadget, ErickXavier has coded a Greasemonkey script which adds a nifty Google Talk gadget within Orkut Sidebar, which allows you to stay intouch with your buddies without installing Google Talk.

Installation: Just like any other Greasemonkey script, you need Firefox and Greasemonkey extension before attempting to install this script. Click here to install the script from our mirror (Alternatively, you can get it from Userscripts)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

BitTorrent Inc. Introduces Ad-Supported Downloads

BitTorrent Inc. is experimenting with alternatives to paid downloads on their Entertainment Network, and is now experimenting with advertising supported downloads. Instead of paying for a download, BitTorrent’s customers now see ads before and after watching an episode.

DRM-free and ad supported downloads are the future, and one of the only business models that will be able to compete with pirated content. It’s good to see that BitTorrent Inc. is realizing this, they are moving in the right direction."